Macroporous chelation resin

Macroporous chelation resin

Dongli’s wide range of chelating resins contain special functional groups that gives these resins superior selectivity for specific target metals. Chelation resins are found in a wide range of metals removal and recovery applications, from the primary recovery of precious metals as well as the removal of impurities that may be present as mere traces.

DL401, DL402, DL403, DL405, DL406, DL407, DL408, DL410

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Chelating Resin

Resins Polymer Matrix  Structure                   Physical Form Appearance FunctionGroup Ionic Form Total Exchange Capacity meq/ml   Moisture Content Particle Size mm Shipping Weight  g/L
DL401 Macroporous Ploy-styrene with DVB Opaque Spherical Beads Iminodiacetic Acid Na 0.8 55-65% 0.425-1.2 750
DL402 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB White Spherical Beads Aminophosphonic Na 0.9 55-65% 0.425-1.2 750
DL403 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB Opaque Spherical Beads  Methylglucamine Free Base 0.9 50-60% 0.425-1.2 750
DL405 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB Opaque Spherical Beads Thioureido  H 0.8 45-50% 0.425-1.2 750
DL406 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB Grey Opaque Spherical Beads   Al 0.5 50-55% 0.30-1.20 750
DL407 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB White Spherical Beads  R-N(CH3)2(C2H2OH)- Cl 0.9 50-56% 0.30-1.20 700
DL408 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB  Brick Red to Brown Spherical Beads  FeO(OH)   0.6 50-56% 0.30-1.20 700
DL410 Macroporous Poly-Styrene with DVB  Opaque Spherical Beads  Quaternary Ammonium  Cl 0.75 40-50% 0.30-1.20 700

Chelatting Resin

In general, the resin with high crosslinking degree has stronger selectivity to ions, and the selectivity of macroporous resin is less than that of gel type resin. The selectivity is larger in dilute solution and smaller in concentrated solution.

Macroporous resin is made by adding porogen in the polymerization reaction to form a framework of porous sponge structure, with a large number of micropores inside, and then introducing exchange groups. The size and quantity of the wetted resin can be controlled during manufacturing. The surface area of the channel can be increased to more than 1000m2 / g. This not only provides a good contact condition for ion exchange, shortens the distance of ion diffusion, but also increases many chain active centers. Through the van der Waals force between molecules, it can produce molecular adsorption, which can adsorb all kinds of non-ionic substances like activated carbon and expand its function. Some macroporous resins without exchange functional groups can also adsorb and separate a variety of substances, such as phenols in chemical plant wastewater.


When the salt content of raw water is high, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis and other processes can be used for pre desalination of raw water.

The wood adsorption chelating resin pool is composed of crystal form and CSP polymer material. It is especially suitable for wall panel to be used as the protection of air pipe, collecting pipe and monitoring panel in the system. Because of the adsorption balance of the surface water RF lens, the construction cost can be reduced, The effect of improving production efficiency, wood production system and pumping system can be designed more accurately in these aspects.

Moreover, the wood import provides a kind of pressure to the surface treatment of coating, which is not only conducive to regulating the adsorption cost and moisture resistance, but also a product of environmental protection in the process of urbanization, and the secondary utilization is more ideal.

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